Dinner Options; Raw Zucchini and Corn Soup

So what does one eat for dinner... My standard response in the past would be a stir fry, steamed vegetables or soup. But now I’m looking at how I can become predominantly raw, as in 75% or more raw food most days as compared to the 50% plus raw I do at the moment.
So I’ve just found out that someone who eats 75% plus raw food is called a raw foodist. I’ve had a few labels in the past and I do give some thought to the label that might be assigned if I move in a particular direction. And I can say I am comfortable with a label of raw foodist if I meet the criteria.
I imagine that the easiest way to meet the criteria would be to start most meals from a perspective of it being a raw meal and then allow the occasional non-raw addition to the meal. Or snacks in between meals might be non-raw like the precious mini-muffins that I make for my Mum and myself.
So tonight following on from my success with the raw cabbage and apple soup, I have made some Raw Zucchini and Corn Soup.

Recipe Ingredients:
Chunks of zucchini
Niblets from half a corn cob
Small tomato
Small apple peeled and cored
Thin slice of onion
Dash or two of tamari
210g water

Add zucchini, corn, tomato, apple and onion (which amounted to 360g for me) into the Thermomix bowl.
Add tamari and water. Blend together for 30 seconds on speed 8.
Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top for aesthetic appeal.

I keep meaning to warm any raw soup I make to 37 degrees C which is acceptable under a raw food program. But I forget and then I find that I’ve really enjoyed the soup as is, which is exactly what happened again tonight. While the apple was the only common ingredient between tonight’s soup and the Cabbage and Apple Soup made the other night, the consistency of the two soups are very similar. I suspect that the types of vegetables used in both soups are very similar. There was a little bit left over after filling my bowl which I happily finished off.
So now I’m considering how I can continue replacing my standard dinner options of a stir fry, steamed vegetables or cooked soup. What I’ve come up with so far are salad, soup or a whole food such as a mango or some grapes.
It’s becoming clear to me now that raw soups are fairly easy and can be basically made up from whatever ingredients are available at the time - or should I say that raw soups are fairly easy to make in the Thermomix. I’d like to think that I can make up an appetising salad after a few years of including salad greens and tomatoes from my patios into my regular lunch-time salad. I’ve included the idea of a whole food or fruit because this idea was mooted by Victoria Boutenko in her book "12 Steps to Raw Foods".
It will be interesting to see what dinner options I’m actually using in a month or two’s time...

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